backend heavy

full stack engineer

I'm a dynamic 24-year-old software engineer from India, with a journey in the tech world. My adventure began with Visual Basic and C# in high school, sparking a deep-rooted passion for crafting and elevating technology products and services.

what occupies my time
URL Shortenerimage
A short url application, used to created short links, aliases against a long url.
UniSHARE Mobile Appimage
Resource and educational material sharing android application.
File Transfer Serviceimage
File transfer service within server and client with Go and gRPC.
what do my mentors say
Abhijeet is one of the most hardworking and technically sound person I have come across. He is vigilant to the new trends in the industry and has passion to gain knowledge in all domains. It has been an immense pleasure to work with Abhijeet and I recommend him for any challenging technical or research role in a dynamic team all over the World.
~ Nishkarsh Raj